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Abbey Hill Fishing Lake is set within a fabulous location. A new coarse fishing lake, 2800m2 in size and  planted with a full variety of aquatic plants to enhance nature with both the angler and the environment in mind. Varieties which include, White Lilly, Plantain, Dock, Bur Reed, Sedge, Glyceria, Yellow Flag Iris, Aquatic Mint, Crack Willow, White Willow, Sallow, Ossier and Alder.The lake is stocked with a variety of fish which include Carp, Bream, Tench, Chub, Roach, Rudd, perch and Gudgeon. (Carp in double figures). This coarse fishing lake was extensively stocked and planted in spring 2011. Rules For FishingBarbless hooks onlyNo braided hook lengthsSoft landing mat to be usedNo keep netsFishing from pegs onlyNo free line - a float must be usedNo blood worm or jokerNo boilies or nutsNo type of meat based pet foodsNo fires, stoves or BBQsNo alcohol to be consumed around the lakeAll litter to be taken home or put in binsNo night fishingAdhere to pathwaysAll fish caught to be returned in landing netOpen hours: 6:00am till 8:45pmGates will be locked at 9:00pm (give yourself time to vacate)An adult must accompany any childred under the age of 16A current EA license is requiredNo swimmingManagment reserve the right to refuse entry to the lake


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