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Town Hall Theatre

This Is Not A Wedding

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Town Hall Theatre


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Book Online, by phone: 01429 890000 or in person: Hartlepool Tourist Information Centre, Church Square, Hartlepool, TS24 7EQ. 

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This Is Not A Wedding

Expect to laugh, cry and sing along to the classics whilst four bridal-clad women attempt to
entertain, delight and maintain their dignity in a desperate last ditch effort to work out what
the hell it all means.

Witness a generation’s experience of pressure, conformity & expectation in this radical and
apocalyptic reimagining of some of our most recognisable ceremonies.

 As time runs out and the clock counts down, four defiant brides attempt to please everyone and no one, forging
their own absurd path through the wilderness of tradition. Using their signature concoction of
wildly entertaining dance theatre, Gracefool invite YOU to be guests of honour at the non-wedding event of the year as they attempt to come to terms with coming of age in a high pressure, low tolerance, success driven society.

It’s not a wedding, but it is a celebration, and everyone is invited.

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Town Hall Theatre

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